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Cool and Cosmic dot COM is for Sale

What’s in a name?

For Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines website names are very important.  If you are fortunate to have a website name that contains a popular word or phrase, a major portion of your Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), and Search Engine Marketing, (SEM), is completed.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of developing your website so that more and more of the relevant content on your website is considered important enough to include in the indexing of your website.  As the content on each page of your website is indexed, your ranking increases.

Search Engine Marketing is like SEO.   SEM is the continual process of developing the descriptions of your product and services so that the potential clients and/or customers are more likely to choose you as a solution provider to their problem over others that offer similar services or products.

What is cool in the search engine wars is the cosmic idea that the small business owner/entrepreneur has a limited budget for Internet advertising.  This cool and cosmic paradigm shift in SEO and SEM is that there are more small entities vying for their voice to be heard than large cartels and corporations.

This cosmic shift is the attention to local searches as opposed to national or international searches.  So, you do not have to compete with the national corporations when your customers/clients are looking for you.  Therefore, if you are in a hot market and want to rise above the noise, you need a name that commands notice. is the name for you.

History of Cool and Cosmic website

To drive traffic to my on‐store, Jason’s Joes and More where I sell G.I. Joe action figures, accessories and Parts.  I revised Jason’s Joes and More in 2007.  At that time the field of independent small sellers like myself was very crowded.  Therefore, I started Cool and Cosmic blog using PHP‐BB in 2008.  This worked great for five years.  As the reputation of the store exploded, I found less time to maintain the blog.

Therefore, I am selling this website name as I no longer use it.  So, I created this mini‐ to sell this domain name.   I have created this mini‐site to show how much traffic can be drawn to this site.

I am Interested in

How I will Sell this Domain

To demonstrate the proper power of the domain name,, I am hosting a revised site with site Schema, proper use of keywords, appropriate meta data, and accessibility for the visually and ambulatory handicapped.  By using these technologies, I will be able to demonstrate the power of attraction of this domain name.

A domain is virtual real estate on the Information Highway commonly known as the Internet.  It is just cool that one can purchase a domain name and own an important portion of the world wide web.  Because you have a domain name, depending on how the domain name is positioned, it can easily attract customers to your site.  You can consider it cosmic in owning the web address  As this name is relatively neutral, any product and/or service can easily gain traction by cohabitating at this domain address as the name can represent a paradigm shift to attract customers, clients, and stakeholders in products, services, and causes that people want to support.

And so, I am collecting interest to see if there is some interest in t his domain.  I am collecting names and contact information of individuals and/or businesses who are interested in owning this piece of the world wide web to promote their business or cause.   After running this mini‐site for several months or if I receive a credible offer, I will decide to sell this site to one who expresses serious interest to purchase or I may offer the site for sale on one of the auction sites for domain names.

As I have never sold a domain name before, I attempted to research the value of this domain.  Thus, I want to know a credible value for this site as opposed to the wild spread of numbers.  I really want to give someone a good deal on this domain name.  I also do not want to sell myself short.

The sale of a domain name that is easy to remember and has vast attraction is of enormous importance.  With ownership of the domain name, you should be unflappable in the pursuit of promoting your business or cause.  The name is universal in application for becoming the internet real estate of a business and/or cause.  It can be a casual place of serenity and tranquility that represents a levelheaded and casual state of mind.

On the other hand, can easily represent a cosmic shattering of old traditions, goods, and/or services that the introduction of these new goods and services are of intergalactic influence.  So, you need a name that represents the great paradigm in thinking, use and perception.

I want

I Want

Please complete the form below to reach me electronically.  I will respond back to you with further information on when I plan to sell this domain either by direct purchase or by auction.  As I collect statistical data on this site, if you prefer, I can send you a monthly update as to how much traffic this site is attracting.

All items preceded with an asterisk, (*), are the minimum required amount of information that I require to properly address your interest.

Thank you for your interest.  I wish you good fortune in purchasing this website and pursuing your dreams on the Internet.

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